Study martial arts at the Chinese Gong Fu Institute.

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Zhang Tai Ji & Chinese Gong Fu Institute

Study Martial Arts at the Chinese Gong Fu Institute, located in Chicago, Illinios

The Chinese Gong Fu Institute offers classes for students of all ages and levels of proficiency. Students are instructed directly by Master Hong Chao Zhang. Master Zhang is a professor of Henan University and 8th Daun of Chinese Martial Arts. Master Zhang is also a reknown Wushu judge. To learn more about Master Zhang please visite the About Us section.

Some of the classes taught include Tai Chi, Hsing I, Ba Gua, Qi Gong, Shaolin, Animal Styles, Chi Na, Southernfist, and more. Students can also learn the use of weapons, participating in sparring and meditation. We also offer classes for women's self defense, children's classes, and private lessons. Visitors are always welcome to come in and watch a class! For more information please contact us or view the class shedule.