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External Chinese Martial Arts

Shaolin Systems

Shao Lin Quan is a great system that embraces a great variety of different styles, including dahongquan, xiaohongquan, paoquan, meihuaquan, qixingquan and luohanquan.

Cha Quan

The main characteristics of the long-style Chuan are expansiveness and gracefulness in posture and agility and speed in movement. Long-style boxers fight to the extreme of their arms' length. They move fast, jump high and far and combine hardness and softness, fast ( and slow moves, motions and stillness. Their movements are clearly rhythmical. Their generation of energy is powerful and the origin and outlet of the energy are clear.

Hua Quan

Hua Quan is characterized by its fast well-connected movements and rock-still stances. Boxers breathe deeply to spread air flows throughout the body and body movements are a result of mental activity.

Fan Zi

Fan Zi Quan uses short, swift, vigorous movements, compact and well-knit routines and swift force-application. Fanziquan is characterized by quick succession of hand and foot movements and usually several techniques are applied at the same time in a furious manner.

Nan Quan Southern Boxing

A composite modern style created in the 1960's on other Cantonese styles (Hongjia, Cailifo, Monjia, Caijia, etc.) Now it is a modern Wushu demonstration style with no real martial applications.