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Traditional Satin Tai Chi Uniform
+ $10 (S & H)*
*(shipping and handling is per item purchased)

Our traditional satin tai chi uniforms come complete with matching tops and bottoms and in five different colors. Made out of breathable satin, these uniforms are lighter and easier to maintain than silk. The top has a mandarin collar and frog buttons. The bottoms have an elastic waistband. Perfect for training and demonstration purposes. Sizes are limited.

47" Chest, 26" Top Length, 40" Bottom Length

50" Chest, 31" Top Length, 42.5" Bottom Length

52" Chest, 32" Top Length, 45" Bottom Length

Muay Thai Boxing Shorts
+ $10 (S & H)*
*(shipping and handling is per item purchased)

Similar to the Single Longquan Broadsword, except the Double Longquan Broadsword features distinctly shaped hilts that allow two swords to fit into one sheath. Double Broadswords requires that the practitioner have a high degree of coordination and is harder to execute but as anyone who has seen any Double Broadsword forms in action will testify it is truly a beautiful performance to behold. Our Double Longquan Broadswords are made from durable combat steel and both come attached with red and yellow flags. Comes in a black wood cover with gold ornamentation. Perfect for practice and competition.

Elastic waistband. Limited sizes available.